by Formless

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released May 10, 2016

Formless is:
Kevin Narowski - Lead Vocals
Annie Grunwald - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Ken Bullard - Lead Guitar
Craig Breitsprecher - Bass
Jake Shields - Drums

Guitar & bass tracking by Annie Grunwald
Vocal tracking by Kevin Narowski & Marc Lewis
Drum tracking by Jake Shields
Guitar performance by Kenny and Annie of Formless
Bass grooving by Craig Breitsprecher

Mixing by Dan Gonzalez and Kenny Goshgarian
Mastering by Kenny Goshgarian
Album artwork and layout by Malika Sundamurthy

Formless would like to thank the following for making this album possible:
Our elite Kickstarter donators (Casey Jones, Tom R., Nathan Navarro, David and Andrew Breitsprecher, Codge Bullard, Marc Lewis, Jordan Varbaro, Kevin Grunwald, Jean Francois Nadreau, Guitaklew, Yunus Emre Armanci), Metalhouse, Totality, Replacire, Edwin Escobar, Greg Macklin, brews, buds, Lance Tobin, Al Mclenna, and last but not least, Kenny's Dad.



all rights reserved


Formless Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Eon
This is the beginning of Eon
A shapeless creation of energy formed
Birth is given to an era's end
From horrid nothingness to greatness reborn
Track Name: Sins
Staring down the black abyss at the void which I've created
Nothing new is born in this wasteland of a planet
Glaring up to the Sun that is no longer there
I feebly grasp for my identity
Sought out by every being decaying away on this dead Earth
I struggle to find myself and understand my own existence
And come to terms with my past.

I've sinned

I bring calamity and destruction
And leave only ruin in my wake.
To bring death is my one designed function
Dubbed "Grim Reaper", all those around me are turned to waste

Staring past the horizon, at the void which is my past
nothing new is born in this wasteland of a planet.
I start a trek attempting to find the pieces of who I am
I need things to make sense and must make atonement for the sins which I've committed
I try to help those I find in peril along my journey
I try to be their savior

"Stop!" she screams

Consumed in a trance, ice annihilated all that surround me once again
Without conscious control of my actions.
Swiftly but heavily they fell, as I gracefully ripped them apart,
Severing limbs and tearing out innards with beautiful precision.
A cry a begging plea, to stop this insanity, brings me back to the reality of this wretched place
I look down at my own hand and wonder “What I have done?
I look down at my own hand and wonder, "What have I done?"

How can I atone for the destruction of all life?
I can only think of death, but I am unable to die
Track Name: Salvation
Built up walls for your own protection
As safety from a necessary hell
You’re trapped in a prison of your own creation
Content to live in a fucking cell

Trapped inside the walls of your own creation
Reluctantly living in complacency
Unrealistic expectations driving
You to be productive in nothing, you see?

Shouting to the skies a somber plea
You pray the gods will set you free
Free you from what, and how?
“Save me from me now.”

How can I escape the walls I see confining me?
How can I break free? The call of life, it beckons to me
Track Name: Vitality
The weight of death has struck you lame
The tears flow free, but who's to blame?
Conjure guilt through selfish thought
With grief and fear the mind is wrought
Heartache and pain won't bring him back
Nor ceremonies, dressed in black
Is it yours, or the deceased
the loss of whom is being grieved?

The death is done the corpse is rotting out
I hear you cry, don't hang your head and pout
Kid yourself about a heaven or a hell
In truth you're only attached to a lifeless fucking shell
Putrefied features, decaying intestines
The flowers cannot mask the scent of death from a carcass

We are gathered here in mourning of our selfish memories
As the Reaper laughs, we scribe the epitaph for our own sake,
“God won't forgive your vanity.”

The dead transcends its mortal shell
Those who are left, they blame themselves
To rob them of their misery
One will rise with anger's creed
It's breaking bones and slashing necks
Decapitating for effect.
The bodies pile in their pews.
You and your kind are now subdued

I have risen for only one reason:
To cleanse this fouling chapel
Empty cries echo in dissonance
A primal delight
Your laments serve as my catalyst
To reunite you with your dead.
Now that we are covered in gasoline
Your flesh becomes the light
We burn bright on this night!

We were gathered here in mourning of our selfish memories
As the Reaper laughed, we scribed the epitaphs on our own graves
“God won't forgive your vanity.”

Such hollow, meaningless waiting
We always look to the ending
No one can see, we've lost our vitality
Track Name: Euphoric Dysphoria
Can’t you see the beauty that lies beneath?
All you hear is the noise, harsh and asynchronous
Ignorance clouding the understanding of this wonderful collaboration

Shut your fucking mouth
And open up your mind
You might just be surprised
At the enlightenment you find

All the world’s not bright and good
Accept the darkness as you should
Embrace the dissonance in life
And relish in the sorrow.

Once you’ve learned to appreciate these things
Clarity reveals itself to you

Don’t you see the beauty
That lies beneath?
The harshness dissolves to fluidity
And finds its place among idiosyncrasy

Can you now see the beauty that lies beneath?
You hear the noise, harsh and asynchronous
But ignorance no longer clouds the understanding of this wonderful collaboration
Track Name: False Awakening
Something strange happened to me
Lucid forms in my dreams
Thoughts raced into a wall
My vision turned black and then all was gone

Warped into a building with handfuls of lead
Eight shots protecting a stead
My sights aimed at their heads
We fire on our marks and no mercy is shed

None has been shed!

I approach the corpses to be
And then belt out a scream
Faces of friends long since seen
I’m flanked at my left and one restrains me

Pulled to a dark room, barrel to my head
Presented two options, both outcomes are death
Life in a cell or a round to the skull
Wounds self-inflicted, dishonorable cause

With this blood on my hands
I’ll condemn myself by my own hands

Cold steel against temple
My vision is blurred
A fate so pathetic
Is what I deserve
Death by my own hands
The end I’ve incurred
A scene so surreal
A setting absurd
Pressure on the trigger
The hammer is cocked
Eyes are shut tightly
Quivering jaw locked with
Cold steel against temple
And heart out of my chest
But with determination
Forgoing protest
Death by my own hands
A method, preferred
In this cold desolation
The shot won’t be heard
The hammer releases
Nothing but regret
In my own bed
I awake in a sweat
Track Name: Benighted by the Lake
We lay here, aside this lake
Awaiting, oh, our fate
We mean no, no harm nor fear
But now we must, we must pay

(Who comes upon us, entering this sacred place,
Into this watery bed where the jewel of life is encased?
Tell me now your true intent, but don’t expect us to relent,
Or any mercy to be shown, for this misdeed is yours alone.)

Look not into my eyes, in but a second you’ll have no recollection of who you are
Return home but how, when there’s nothing to remember?
If you touch my skin, your emotions will drain from within
Harm me not, or your will to live will cease

We beg you
Oh leave us be
Oh set us free

How could you not know?
Ignorance is no excuse
Intentions matter not
This is the end of life for you

Betray not your anger, lest I will come
(It will not be betrayed)
Weep not with sorrow, or I will draw near
(I will not weep with sorrow)

We laid here, aside this lake
Awaiting, oh, our fate
We meant no, no harm nor fear
But now we must, we must pay
(Who would come upon us to defile this sacred place
Entering this watery bed where the jewel of life is encased?
Beg me to your heart’s content, we can’t abide or relent
No mercy will be shown, for the fault of man is yours alone)

We submit to fate
We realize mistakes made too late
Our spirits, we let go
From the shore to the lakebed below

Intentions matter not
Mistakes are yours to own.
Track Name: Vindication
Blood-red pools gleaming in the moonlight,
My blade still firmly grasped within hand
The lies you strew from wall to wall
Now clot upon the floor.
Your wretched corpse doth lay here
As retribution for all you’ve done
Your pathetic existence of treachery
Both to you and me has ended

Illumination of distrust
The glaring looks no more
The deceit that was killing me
Has put you to your unpeaceful rest

Eviscerated where we once lay
The lies had soaked this bed of falsities
Soaked through and seeped between the floorboards
They now coalesce with your blood

These injuries become real and amplified
I should have seen the truth so long ago
With malice still encrypted in my eyes
I see truth embedded deep within your deception.

I’ve watched our worlds deteriorate
And yield nothing but abhorrence
Now I’m left with an awakening
My justice is resurrected in your blood
Track Name: Tech Death
Human life made simple now
By these wonderful advances
Everything is streamlined and integrated
Convenience is the name of the game
Or at least that’s what we tell ourselves
Every new perk becomes a need

Late into every night, after wasting the day
I seal myself away and then I like to play
This tech’s so fucking great, there’s lots of fun and games
Free, live and real nude girls and harsh obscenities
Plus I can troll young kids, which always makes me jizz
Just what else can I find, to masturbate my mind?
Dive deep into the web, leaving no trace behind
At light, I rest at ease, engulfed by this fucking disease

This path we’re traveling down
Is this what we really wanted
If we’d have known this before
Would this be what we really wanted

Life made clean
(By this filthy disease)
And so serene
(distraught and disassociated)
We stand at the peak of society’s advancement
(Threatening to tear ourselves down)

Human life made simple now
But is still so complicated
Everything is streamlined and integrated
Masturbation is the name of the game
But we don’t fear to admit it now
Every new perk becomes a fucking joke
Track Name: Prism
All the lines are fading between the things we once held close
And what we cast into the world without care
As these lines are fading, we’re tasked with the choice of what to conceal
Believing the lies that it won’t be revealed

You deceive us
Pledge to lead us
You mistreat us
You claim to have only our best interest in mind

Entrusted with the secrets of the masses
Entities without morals, only greed
And the desire to fatten the bottom line
We sacrifice ourselves for their need

All the lines have faded between what’s yours and what’s mine
The dissolution and division of ourselves is perceived as naturally fine
This was the plan from the beginning, to lower our defenses and create such an urge
To give yourself entirely to you
Unwittingly, our privacy is purged by our own hands

We despise you
Can’t deny you
Live inside you
Live inside you

Now we are drowning, although we’ve come this far
All the lines are fading, evading who we are

All the lines have faded between what is ours and what’s yours
You own us now

You deceived us
Pledged to lead us
You mistreated us
You claimed to have only our best interests in mind

We stand on the brink of war
The precipice of an uprising long overdue
We’re here to reclaim what is ours
And rid ourselves of the plague that is you
This plague we helped nourish and grow
Is rightfully ours to overthrow
You’ll now bend to us like refracted light
Subject to the prism of your people
Track Name: Zero Day
Relinquish your worldly goods
cast them down for steel and wood

Meetings behind closed doors
Circles of secrecy
Dragged out onto the streets
For all the fucking world to see
We’ll have no façades here
Stand proud in all our flaws
When standing next to you
We stand as pure as gods

An attack unforeseen
By the instruments used to glean
Every data point of our beings
For your own use
Now befalls your stead
Painting your money red
When the blood is shed
On the asphalt

Your machines did not foretell of this
What good will they do you now?
Wallow in the filth and piss
Which, into our homes, we once allowed
No longer shall we abide
Intellectual technological genocide
Zero Day is upon us
Your time left on this earth is nil

Today is Zero Day
A war waged not by one, but many
A duel between us and ourselves
To be fought with ideas as much as clubs
In our homes and in the town square
Morality is not binary
And neither is life
At dawn’s break we start anew

Tomorrow is Day One